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The Dynamics Of Terror

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The Dynamics Of Terror

Although terrorists and their brothers around the world are a feared sight, they hide behind the coward’s desire for anonymity, and the mask has become their badge and hide behind the cover of numerous groups advocating  terrorism.   They are a travesty and use their “causes” to prove their warrior-hood.   A true warrior doesn’t shoot from out of the dark, hide behind his mother’s bedsheet or pretend that ignorance and bravado can justify their claim to supremacy.

A true warrior does not fight for a “cause.”  He lives for honor and integrity, and to protect those whom may be harmed for another’s “cause.”

These groups have taken their place in modern day terrorism, and many of their members will kill to earn the title of “Aryan Warrior.”  These widely scattered organizations are a real threat, and not some abstract injury to the dignity of man.

Many group members are armed with more sophisticated weapons than the average police department, and they are willing to use them.

With the irrational conflict existing in the world, these organizations are considered very dangerous.  They are considered very dangerous and use the confusion and fears inherent in a climate of war, to reach out and make their own points.

Most people do not realize how many active groups there are, so let’s list the better-known ones.

The cancerous growth of city gangs is a form of terrorism; each gang has some issue they believe is important, some ideal that justifies their acts.  One thing they all have in common is they feel they are correcting some grievance, and the end justifies the means.

Terrorist tactics have become so white washed, so commonplace, that they have become part of our accepted political scene.  And, a beginning Bodyguard might ask:  “what has this to do with my profession?”  The answer is simple: everything.  There is a pendulum effect in history:  societies go to the right and to the left, they change from the permissive to the restrictive; and now – simply put, people are getting fed up.


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