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Corporate Security

While the majority of the USA still maintains a complacent certainty that in America they are safe, most of the multi-national corporations know that “safety” is an illusion.  With terrorist acts being committed by the crazies for almost any type of cause even smaller corporations are living with a high level of fear.  They are starting to reach out and hire Protection Specialists for their executives.

More and more American citizens and corporations are starting to realize that none of us can escape the crazies.  There are 20,000 people murdered each year; there are 1.4 million violent crimes committed annually, many of them against children.  Children have become a prime target and this becomes a terrifying problem.  Francis Bacon in his Essay on Children wrote:  “When a man has children he becomes hostage to fortune,” and a target for terrorists and crazies.  Very few executives, or people in the public eye, are free from this type of threat.  Lenin said, “The purpose of terrorism is to terrorize.”  And when children are possible victims it is terrorizing.

Organized crime is one of the many threats to the modern economy. The organizations, structure and operations of these criminal fraternity’s make policing and investigation a costly and time consuming task. Most law enforcement agencies only look at serious cases which will offer a confirmed prosecution. Corporate Measures aims to ensure that all security measures undertaken are unobtrusive and kept to the required minimum, hereby maintaining a low profile and creating as little disruption to the company as possible.

A study of the organized attacks in the world show that whenever an attacker is serious and has organizational experience, the attack is probably going to be successful; the client is going to be assassinated or kidnapped. In this case they probably do not have enough time to bring weapons into play, and when they do, the bodyguards are usually fatalities.  Bodyguards rarely fire their weapons, and if they do the gunfire seldom affects the outcome of the attack.