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Security Consultancy

Corporate Measures is an independent, specialist risk consultancy. We provide advice & services that enable our clients to accelerate opportunities and manage strategic and operational risks.

You are only as good as your personnel. In this regard, a holistic approach to the choice of security staff is essential to the future growth of your business. We offer a comprehensive package, which encompasses all of necessary elements you will need to guarantee top quality staff.

The logistics and infrastructure of any company is as important as the physical presence of the company. By implementing, from the outset, a comprehensive infrastructure plan based on flexibility and adaptability, you will have the necessary foundation on which to create a total company package. A study of the organized attacks in the world show that whenever an attacker is serious and has organizational experience, the attack is probably going to be successful; the client is going to be assassinated or kidnapped. In this case they probably do not have enough time to bring weapons into play, and when they do, the bodyguards are usually fatalities. Bodyguards rarely fire their weapons, and if they do the gunfire seldom affects the outcome of the attack.

Risk Assessment & Contingency Planning

Assessing any possible threats to the clients business or investments, we can advise how to defeat or greatly reduce any future problems. Using the most effective manner whilst providing the safest environment for the clients and personnel to operate.

To understand the fear level present in our modern world it is necessary to look at recent history; especially the growth of terrorism as a factor in our life. Terrorist acts, no matter in what part of the world they occur, are frightening. Because of their nature these acts hit home, fill people with dread even though they occurred thousands of miles away: they are usually so random, and the victims so innocent, that it is easy to imagine the same act happening anywhere – even in our own neighbourhood. This is another reason they call it terrorism. Its results remain with all of us as a sense of foreboding.

For the corporate business and private individuals there is an increasing threat from terrorist, criminals, racists and the mentally unstable. For reasons such as kidnap, assassination, blackmail, industrial and corporate extortion and publicity, thus the need for our services are paramount.

Security through total quality control and total quality management

Our industry specific consultants come from a very professional backgrounds. We realised very early that continuity on the ground is paramount administration, protocol and standard operating procedures will need to be implemented across the board for complete success.

Each individual company has its own characteristics that make it what it is. In essence the most difficult aspect to is sustaining its growth with these characteristics in mind. Systems need to be put into place to ensure the sustainability of your business.

Theses systems take a holistic approach in that they are both financial and service orientated. This ensures that the company in its entirety continues to improve through the implementation of these systems.

We are committed to providing a professional and quality service, achieved by innovative and dynamic approaches, through the cross-fertilization of a wide range of resources and technical support.