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International Parental child abduction cases are amongst the most complicated and frustrating of parental abductions. With every country operating its own judicial systems and laws, (where no treaties or conventions exist), original custody and/or restraining orders may not be recognized where the child has been abducted to. Judicial cooperation between states and countries can be highly contentious, and sadly, in countries where no treaties or conventions exist, the issue of child abduction is a prime example of the limitations in international cooperation.  We have an exhaustive international network with full air support capabilities, emergency air ambulance, global legal teams and professional personnel with a wealth of knowledge pertaining to high-risk situations. Regardless of whether the Country your child.


We have participated in many media documentaries and below are two clips from we were involved in. We are still the first and only company to successfully recover children from Japan: Steve our recovery expert is featured in both clips.

From The Shadows Trailer… Click Image

Sayonara Baby – Japan… Click Image


It took Steve only ten days, once in Tokyo, to put the children on a plane home with their mom. If you have found yourself in a similar situation, I implore you to engage a competent attorney and to hire Steve Johnson.  Your attorney will advise you against this action, as did ours.  We ignored that advice and we have the children.  Had we followed the attorney’s advice I am convinced the children would still be in Japan.  The attorney and Steve are needed.  The attorney took our case to court and legal custody of the children was given to my niece and a divorce was granted.  Those documents were important once the children were returned. But it was Steve, not the attorney who got the children returned.  He is the most important member of your team.  And you must act quickly.  The faster you can attack this terrible situation the better your chances of a favorable resolution.–Brett J. Porter

My family used the services of Steve Johnson to locate and recover my brother’s daughter in 2003.  Steve Johnson was engaged by the family for over four months in a complicated search across Europe. Eventually my niece was found and reunited with her father. Steve is cool and calm under pressure, with a strong authoritative presence that inspires co-operation and confidence. Unfortunately we had a bad experience with other people we dealt with who were interested only in money and talk.  Steve was a breath of fresh air - on meeting him we knew immediately we had our man. We highly commend Steve’s services to you and would be willing to discuss this with you if you wish.  If you would like to have a discussion, please ask Steve to forward your contact details to me.–M Laine

I am pleased to write the present recommendation for Mr Steve Johnson in connection with the work he has done for me and my family to help end the international parental abduction of my child. I am writing this recommendation on the understanding that it shall remain anonymous, for reasons that I hope will be understood. The central point I would like to convey in this recommendation, based as it is on significant contact over several months with Steve, is that, were I now to find myself at the beginning of this dreadful situation, I would trust Steve absolutely to do the needful and get my child back.  He has the background and the resources to get the job done.  However, and more importantly, he also has a clear sense of professional ethics—and, particularly in view of the negative experience I had had elsewhere before getting in touch with Steve—it is this quality, along with his general affability, that makes it a pleasure to write this recommendation.  The important thing is to act early once one knows one is in good hands.  That is decidedly the case if Steve is involved. –Anonymous