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Child abduction is the equivalent of a nuclear blast to a family. In many ways, having a child abducted and not ever knowing his or her true fate can be far worse than the receiving news no parent ever wants to here.

  • Child Abduction: Where a child has been taken overseas without the other parents consent this is a criminal offence under UK law . (except in Scotland)
  • Wrongful retention: Where a child has been retained in a foreign country following an overseas trip.
  • Threat of abduction: Where there is a risk that a child will be taken overseas.

There are only five questions that you need answering:

  • Who is out there to help me?

    We are her to help you; and hand in hand with the legal and cultural systems in any country we will fight to reunite you with your loved ones and do what ever it takes to achieve a satisfactory conclusion to all concerned.

  • What can be done?

    Every case is different and so together we will spend time uncovering the facts and structuring a way forward. It may be that you don not know where your child is, so we must first deal with that and then move on to how  best to reunite the family from then on. You may not have access to your child, so through negotiation we will find a way to establish the trust that will allow you to gain that access.

  • How long will we stay on the case?

    We will never give up. Some cases can be resolved in a matter of days, others take months and some even years. However, our commitment to you is that we will stay with you the whole way.

  • What Guarantees can we give?

    There are no absolute guarantees and anyone, or any company that gives such assurances is not being honest with you or themselves. What we guarantee is complete commitment to you and your cause and our every effort to bring about a fast and happy conclusion to your pain and suffering.

  • How much will this service cost?

    It is impossible to set a fee before all the facts are known.  We are fully aware that everyone’s financial status is different With this in mind we will discuss and arrive at a fee that is both affordable to you and that still leaves you in a position  to care for your child one you are reunited.

Whatever the problem we will find a solution.