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Child & Adult recovery

As defined by the (1982 ’s Act), it’s any person younger than 18 whose whereabouts are unknown to his or her legal custodian. Under the act, the circumstances surrounding the disappearance must indicate that the child was removed from the control of his or her legal custodian without the custodian’s consent, or the circumstances of the case must strongly indicate that the child is likely to have been abused or sexually exploited.

Corporate Measures have participated in multiple personal recoveries. We are genuinely interested in the health, well-being and welfare of persons in need of recovery. We understand that these cases are sensitive and emotionally charged for all involved. Operating globally, Corporate Measures. responds to a pending or immediate crisis incident with the expertise and resources necessary to resolve any situation.

International child abduction cases are amongst the most complicated and frustrating of parental abductions. With every country operating its own judicial systems and laws, (where no treaties or conventions exist), original custody and/or restraining orders may not be recognized where the child has been abducted to. Judicial cooperation between states and countries can be highly contentious, and sadly, in countries where no treaties or conventions exist, the issue of child abduction is a prime example of the limitations in international cooperation.

This service requires logistical planning and it is therefore essential that all legal steps to recover the child locally have been exhausted by the client.

We are  is committed to providing a professional and quality service, achieved by innovative and dynamic approaches, through the cross-fertilization of a wide range of resources and technical support.

We have only one concern, that is the safe retrieval of your missing loved one. Our unique service means that we are specialists in our field and through the dedication and support of our knowledgeable team we  have assisted many families in reuniting loved ones over the years.

Whether this is by navigating the complex systems within the Hague or by pursing less formal means we have always exceeded our clients expectations.

Recovery Assessment & feasibility Regardless to whether the Hague convention exists within the country the Recovery is to be carried out in, we will still assist you.

Corporate Measures. personnel are selectively recruited from various elite military, intelligence, law enforcement and medical agencies from around the globe with expertise in there own specific fields. Such experience is not readily available elsewhere in the private and commercial sector.

It’s our job to help find these children and return them home.