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We are pleased to announce ServiceGuard Insurance have gone from being BSI - Corporate Measures Insurance suppliers to making an annual commitment to directly support our company & several of our services.  As our premier-level sponsor they make it possible for us to strengthen our commitment to our client base & move forward on services that would normally fall down through lack of funding and insurance needs.

Emergency Service teams across the UK are often subject to unsafe situations that call for a great deal of skill and concentration. Whether working for the Police Service, Ambulance Service or Fire and Rescue Service, you will be aware that sometimes you are required to put your life on the line in order to protect others….

Whether working on land as part of a Mountain Rescue Unit, covering the sea serving on a lifeboat, or even a member of the Border Agency, you will often be subject to various hazardous situations that call for protection….

ServiceGuard is available to non-front line personnel. We recognise the valuable work undertaken by all Police Staff in supporting their Police Officer colleagues. So if you are a Police Officer, Special Constable, PCSO or any other member of Police Staff, you are able to benefit from the cover under ServiceGuard Insurance……

ServiceGuard Insurance has expert knowledge in the specialist insurance market, meaning they understand the daily risks undertaken by the Emergency Services. They are able to offer a tailor made Emergency Services Insurance policy that provides comprehensive cover that is unlikely to be found in standard insurance policies. Support Organisations provide vital support services for many different areas, including the Emergency Services and Military. They are able to assist the overall smooth running and functioning of these essential establishments.

With only three simple questions to answer and a choice of Bronze, Silver or Gold cover, ServiceGuard Insurance offers an efficient and hassle free process for obtaining comprehensive insurance cover that standard insurance policies do not always provide. ServiceGuard Insurance is an essential protection. Serious injuries and illnesses, extended periods of time off work and legal costs can all act to severely hamper your future. With cover from ServiceGuard Insurance you can have the peace of mind to get on with the job at hand.   Apply Now