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Dynamics of

During the last decade the need for protection has escalated in our World.  Individuals who would not have considered hiring a bodyguard only a few years ago are now seeking personal protection.  Many of them are not at risk; but still they feel threatened; frightened by unknown forces around  them that have acquired a personal aura.   The feeling is one of danger and risk, the threat of an attack out of the dark, the invasion of privacy; it is a pervading dread with which many people in our modern world live.  Then, if they are in the public eye, this generalized fear becomes specific, and the awareness that  an individual might  be targeted turns to a practical need.  The need: personal protection provided by a bodyguard.

There are many elements in our world that can turn this pervading sense of fear into something personal, and those who feel it strongly are not paranoid; they are just realistic. Usually threats are directed at the wealthy, famous, or powerful who are in the fame spotlight.  Although, the same pressures can be felt by more ordinary citizens:  the wife who has just escaped a brutal marriage and the ex-husband is looking for revenge; the political candidate who has made a seemingly innocent remark and some crazy is holding him accountable; or a young actress like Jodie Foster whom a psychotic wants to impress.  There are countless people who are frightened enough to seek out protection.  This is only one of the reasons the need for bodyguards has grown so rapidly.

To understand the fear level present in our modern world it is necessary to look at recent history; especially the growth of as a factor in our life. Terrorist acts, no matter in what part of the world they occur, are frightening.  Because of their nature these acts hit home, fill people with dread even though they occurred thousands of miles away:  they are usually so random, and the victims so innocent, that it is easy to imagine the same act happening anywhere – even in our own neighborhood.  This is another reason they call it .  Its results remain with all of us as a sense of foreboding.