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This is a difficult word to define.  The dictionary definition is not the one for which we search. 

is not something you define or learn from books; it is not something you will receive a Certificate for having; it is not a code of ethics. It just is.

Honor is something you live day by day.  It is with you even when you are alone.

Needless to say, when you give your word – keep it.  Keep it, even if later it is inconvenient.  Honor it, even if on second consideration you wish you hadn’t committed yourself.  When your word is good, the news gets around quickly and you are honored or respected by everyone, and you’ll lose a lot more by breaking it than you can gain.  There are no “time outs” when honor is at stake.

Did you have a brother or sister?  Do you remember dividing a candy bar or piece of cake with them?  The division was always followed with arguments, screams and fights.  Cut that slab of pie right down the center, divide it evenly, and then when it’s cut one piece always seems bigger than the other, and your mother might end up taking the entire piece away from the both of you.  You weren’t being childish.  All you wanted was a fair world to live in.  When you split that piece of pie all you were attempting to do was “keep a balance.”  It’s difficult to believe that one crumb could have caused that pie to be so out of balance; and was it really worth fighting over.

Now that you’ve grown up you realize that neither you or your sister could have told which piece was really the largest.  One crumb wouldn’t have filled your stomach one bit more, but consider it now.  You were doing more than trying to grab just one more little crumb; you just wanted to live in a fair world.  You demanded fairness so that neither of you would be out of  balance.  As long as this balance was, or is, between you and anyone, there’ll be respect.

Keep a balance, and you will have honor.  If a man buys you a beer, buy him one later.  If an individual goes out of his way for you, do something for him at another time.  Always do just a little more than you have to; and don’t expect something in return.  If your client pays you £100 for a job, without question do £120 worth of work (then forget it, and don’t send him a bill).  If maintaining your honesty is going to cost, pay without question.  If your sister wants the big piece, give it too her, you won’t lose.  It’ll return, in respect, if nothing else.  So always balance up; then keep the balance.


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