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Threat Analysis and Resolution

We are a full resource company that will provide you the client with a totally encompassing security solution whatever the scenario. All main stream security personnel are trained in close protection and at least one other specialist discipline such as communications, medic, or kidnap and ransom negotiations. All other personnel such as maids, butlers, gardeners or kitchen staff are trained in security awareness. Our chauffeurs are trained in offensive and defensive driving as a minimum standard, with the majority hailing from various police services traffic divisions.

The above paragraph is a brief insight into the quality of personnel that we provide, you can be rest assured that all personnel employed by us to undertake your security will be highly trained and motivated giving 110%, 100% of the time.

Corporate Measures approach is practical. We advise organisations on developing and implementing an overall corporate security strategy.

Public Relations

It has been proven on numerous occasions that bad PR can undo much hard work and even destroy a corporate image. This in turn may require substantial expenditure of time and money to re-establish, if this can be achieved. PR should never be neglected or after massive investment you could fall foul of public opinion.

This has occurred frequently in recent times especially concerning environmental issues. Our clients business and investments will be faced with a variety of problems covering the whole security procedures and installation measures:

  • Poorly placed and experienced key management personnel
  • Disruption by badly controlled local security forces
  • Low workforce moral
  • Sabotage, damage or injury by fractions hostile to the clients activity
  • Sudden and unexpected political issues
  • Poorly managed logistics, administration and service support