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About Us

AboutCorporate Measures is a unique company providing a wide range of very specialized security & protection services on an emergency, standby or contract basis. We operate on a global capacity and can respond to a pending or immediate crisis situation with the expertise and resources necessary to resolve any situation. These services range from Bodyguard close protection of Diplomats, VIP’s and other key personnel; to the protection of personnel and assets and other specialized services, Kidnap and Ransom, Maritime security, Fisheries Protection operating in volatile parts of the world.


Corporate Measures, was established and developed by former Elite British Military & Civilian personnel and operates World-wide, this is achieved by appointing a consortium of individuals and companies to various countries from the UK, USA, to the Far East, each individual is conversant with the geography, climate, culture and political structure.


Corporate Measures has a very professional and dedicated security management team, providing global proactive advice 24 hours a day. and distinguishes itself by recruiting highly motivated and professional agents, drawn from various government and Special Forces. These agents have a wealth of exceptional military and commercial operational experience worldwide and are renowned for dealing with high-risk situations and complex operations.

Our Approach

In medieval Japan “Samurai Warriors” were sworn to protect their lord. During this era, honor, integrity, vigilance and loyalty were revered words. The Samurai Warrior was the first bodyguard. Today we approach the profession with the same reverence and feeling of responsibility. We approach the profession as our historical forebears did – with honor.

To us, a bodyguard is a high caliber individual, one who is socially adept and familiar with social and corporate protocol; and in addition to these social graces he/she ideally will have some training in the more esoteric arts such as hand-to-hand combat; combat weapons, and Survival Driving. These skills are important, but understand, they are secondary. If these skills were all that was necessary, training would not be a requirement, because there are thousands of martial artists and even more individual’s proficient with firearms. These skills are not enough.

Our approach is one of Total Project Management combining all aspects of Military, Government training skills and resources in a comprehensive and competitive package. Although our employees operate in a Military disciplined structure, Corporate Measures. is not a Mercenary Organization. Corporate Measures’s senior management has a vast range of international operational experience within the Special Forces, Military and Government agencies, we have successfully converted this for the civilian market with many years working in the private, public, and commercial sectors.

We know that a bodyguard is a high caliber individual; one who is familiar with social and corporate protocol. He is an individual who can be a social chameleon and mingle comfortably in the corporate boardroom or at a country picnic.

We are big enough to cope and small enough to care.