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Corporate Measures was established and developed by former Elite British Military personnel and operates World-wide, this is achieved by appointing a consortium of individuals and companies to various countries from the UK, USA, to the Far East, each individual is conversant with the geography, climate, culture and political structure.

Mission Statement

Corporate Measures are without doubt one of the leading figures in High Risk security globally, supplying Military and Government agency training as well as protection and solutions. Corporate Measures recruits primarily from the Armed Forces, Federal law Enforcement  Agencies, and Special Forces, from both the UK and US. Corporate Measures are  internationally renowned for the highest standards of competence and loyalty, ensuring the client receives the services of only the very best personnel. management is a key factor in successfully maintaining any security measures.

We have operated in

South Africa, Morocco, Bosnia, Italy, Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, UK, India, Europe, Gibraltar, Holland, Switzerland, Hungary, South America, Belize, USA, Afghanistan, Belgium, Dubai, France, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Greece,  Tenerife, Ibiza, Spain, Thailand, Mexico, Romania, Slovakia, Austria, Moldavia, Central Africa, North Africa, Russia, India, Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, Ecuador South America, Japan, Latin America, Baltic states, Georgia, Iraq, Taiwan, Pakistan. Malaysia, Africa, Pakistan, Indonesia, Somalia, Kenya, Somali land, Congo, Georgia, Liberia, Iraq, Iran. Uganda, Borneo, Syria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia.

Company Profile

Our approach is one of Total Project Management combining all aspects of Military, Government training skills and resources in a comprehensive and competitive package. Although our  employees operate in a Military disciplined structure, Corporate Measures . is not a Mercenary Organization. Corporate Measures senior management has a vast range of international operational experience within the Special Forces, Military and Government agencies, we have successfully converted this for the civilian market with many years working in the private, public,  and commercial sectors.